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Ingenero Design is a professional graphic design studio; dedicated to providing a large variety of beautifully designed Photoshop quality templates. Our templates are used to enhance images, provide valuable products for the photographer and their clientele and are user friendly for the new mom, senior or any individual wanting to create something special. We are dedicated to providing quality products, with excellent service. We love what we do and strive to make sure you, “love what we do,” as well!

Who we are CropIngenero Design is located in Menomonie, Wisconsin. We are as a small, home-based design company that combines over 30 years of art and photographic experience, using both designer and photographer’s eyes, in developing add-on products for you and your clientele. From album templates to art, and all graphic needs in-between, Ingenero Design is the resource to look to for artistic, creative and unique products. Ingenero Design offers the following graphic design items:
What makes the difference? CropYou will find that our Etsy store is available here at our blog. You are just a quick click away. Ingenero Design Etsy
Ingenero Design Etsy offers three options to our buyer.

. Purchase the template and edit the item on your own.
. Purchase the template and we do a simple edit on the card for you.
. Purchase a customized template created to your specifications.

Unique to our business, we provide assistance for those who do not have Photoshop or extra time for the card project, at no additional cost.

Photographers, our product will help your business stand out, we provide a variety of templates to fit your individual budget needs. Also, for custom work, rest assured we work in a timely manner, making sure to meet your expectations.

An instant downloaded PDF with links will be sent to you after purchase of template. Your satisfaction is very important to us; we want you happy with your purchase. Each client is treated as top priority, with assurance of 100% satisfaction.
Just Me CropArt has always been a large part of my life. In addition to an education degree and teaching many years at the elementary education level, I have been schooled in portrait design, but in 1983 we brought home our first computer and my art medium changed. At the time my husband informed me that I would learn DOS. 😀  In very short order I was doing desktop publishing, and onto video editing and from there creating templates for many outlets. My creative juices were definitely being used. To begin with I sold my product at WHCC. From there I found Etsy and have been there since 2011. With over 30 years experience working with graphic design, using various medium, starting my own online business was just the natural progression.

Below you will find one of my favorite photos of my most precious treasures. My husband Dean and myself have been blessed with 5 wonderful grandchildren. God is good! Although with each year, we have aged a bit, this photo represents how very blessed I feel to have the honor of being called Nana!


This year Dean and I celebrated our 40th anniversary.  Through thick and thin, with God’s help we have built a life together.  Praising God for his support, wisdom and love on the two of us.

Dean and I like to dance to the “oldies” and this is one of my favorite songs.

Rod Stewart


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Again, we are so glad you have found our site.  We hope that you will return often.  Please subscribe and receive complimentary, monthly templates.

Your feedback is important to me.  Please visit once you have received your order, to share your shopping experience. Thank you!

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